About FlipMyText

Flip Text SpokespersonHello, my name is dıןɟ (that's "flip" for the flippantly challenged) and I'm here to give you the low-down on FlipMyText.com, the cuil new application you've stumbled upon that, in all likelihood, will CHANGE THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!!

"Yahoo!" some of you are saying, "We're bored to death with the old style of printing that we've had to use our whole lives." One person even said to me, "Flip, I just can't face books anymore, I want you to digg around a bit, mixx the system up and excite me with a whole new way of reading."

Of course, as is always the case when geniuses like me try to shake the world up a little, the usual suspects come out, twittering among themselves. "Oh man, Flip's really lost it this time," they tweet. Well, all I have to say to the likes of Mr Gates and Mr Jobs is, "You better get linked in to this revolution, boys, or your companies will be 'on the nose', as if they'd stepped in a dogpile."

Anyway, enough of my personal battles with fellow computing heavyweights, let's move on to some of the benefits that will be yours when you slip some flipped text into your online pages and conversations.

• Are you sick of people not paying enough attention to what you write? A few flipped words here and there will act like speed-bumps in your ramblings, turning rapid scanners into much more thoughtful readers - you'll be doing them a favor!

• A few judicious upside down words will label you as being dangerously different in an increasingly homogeneous online world. You'll be taking a stand against mediocrity and carving out a little piece of cyberspace as your very own; in effect, saying, "This is my space!"

You can create strong passwords for website logins or encrypt links, to prevent web leechers from stealing your bandwidth!

• Even though it's really easy to use our tool to create flipped text, most of your friends won't know that. They'll become google-eyed as they stare at your mysterious words, slowly deciphering the true meaning. There's absolutely no doubt they'll be thinking, "This must have been created by a very intelligent, delicious-looking person, I think I would like to meet him or her for a romantic interlude."

...and these are just a few of the amazing benefits of using FlipMyText. Ask yourself this question: "How can I afford NOT to use it?"